The O’Reilly Factor Tackles ‘The Impact of Violent Video Games’

Dr. Charles Williams, Ph.D., Associate Teaching Professor of Psychology and Education at Drexel University, stopped by Fox News show The O'Reilly Factor to talk to host Bill O'Reilly about "the impact of violent video games."

The good doctor is all over the map talking about wrestling and the Dukes of Hazard and how there are studies that show that they have long-term effects on children – they grow up to get in lots of trouble with the law he claims (isn't that a line from the theme song to the show?). O'Reilly doesn't seem to buy this or the research cited by Williams. They move on to violent video games, where both agree that people with mental illnesses could be triggered by games like Halo, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto V, O'Reilly opens the four-minute segment by saying that its appeal to some is that it offers "torture scenes where player participate in the torture." Listening to this supposed expert and the Fox News host is a form of torture in and of itself…

There are a lot of ludicrous claims made in this segment, including the fact that the same technology is used to train police officers and Navy Seals. Ahem. You can watch the entire segment to your left and you can learn more about Dr. Williams – a regular guest on the major cable news networks – here.


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