Kickstarter-Funded Sword Fighting Game ‘Clang’ Runs out of Cash

Kickstarter-funded sword fighting game Clang has run out of cash and is looking – with little success – for additional funding. In an update to the Kickstarter page for the game, Neal Stephenson from Subutai Studio told backers that the $526,000 pledged by Kickstarter donors in July 2012 is all gone and raising funding from other sources has proven difficult because publishers and investors interested in the sector are "risk-averse."

"We've hit the pause button on further CLANG development while we get the financing situation sorted out," the update to the site reads. "We stretched the Kickstarter money farther than we had expected to, but securing the next round, along with constructing improvised shelters and hoarding beans, has to be our top priority for now."

The update goes on to promote another STEM Kickstarter being run by Sixense, oddly enough.

Despite the news, the studio isn't ready to pronounce Clang dead just yet. The update notes that a "core team" is working on Clang as "an evenings and weekends" project until the studio can secure the appropriate funding.

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Wired's Chris Kohler writes an excellent editorial on how Clang's developers have showed the rest of the industry how NOT to make a game. Find that wonderful article here.

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