NYU-Poly Roundtable Discusses Supporting the Video Games Industry in New York City

Twenty-five executives and experts in the interactive entertainment industry are taking part in an event to discuss how New York City lawmakers can attract and support an industry that generates nearly $5 billion a year today. The event is being hosted and sponsored by Polytechnic Institute of New York University (in Brooklyn, NY).

Senate Select Committee Chair New York Senator Martin J. Golden will be joined by Strauss Zelnick, chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive; Asi Burak, co-president of Games for Change (co-producer of the Games for Change Festival); Kill Screen founder Jamin Warren; Cindy Au, head of community at Kickstarter; and 25 top researchers, academic experts, funders and developers. Public questions will be part of this fact-finding session by the Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, according to organizers.

The event kicked off this morning with a "State of the Industry" roundtable, with a second roundtable to take place from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. (ET). It is being streamed live here.

For more information on the event and NYU-Poly's games facilities, check out www.poly.edu.


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    GrimCW says:

    Would they even want it? Cuomo and Bloomberg being on the forefront of the moral police, I can't see them wanting something that "causes violence" when they have already tried banning happy meals, super sizing, and the oh-so-evil "assault rifles" that somehow managed to be more dangerous over a cosmetic design rather than actual functionality… That proved so true with the recent one right? ….. oh wait..

    bloomberg and cuomo are still trying to get the shotguns declared AR15's in the recent case… Not working is it guys? Sick as it is, at least this guy proved one thing.

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