EMA Adds Five New Members

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) has added five new companies into its association today: bitMAX, Cinedigm, DTS, FlixFling, and Well Go USA Entertainment.

bitMAX LLC provides content owners and creators a "cost-effective" solution to digitally manage and distribute media.

Cinedigm is digital aggregator of independent content to theaters, across all digital and on-demand platforms, and on DVD/Blu-ray.

DTS, Inc is an audio solutions provider for high-definition entertainment experiences on any device.

FlixFling is a flexible streaming service provider for films and television shows.

Finally, Well Go USA Entertainment is a theatrical and home entertainment distribution label that specializes in bringing content from around the world to North America and Asia.

The EMA is an association and trade group that works on behalf of retailers who sell entertainment including video games, movies and more at traditional retail and online through digital distribution channels. The group is best known as the lead in the landmark video games Supreme Court case, Brown v. EMA.

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