Notch Praises SteamOS

Valve is likely quite delighted to hear that the creator of one of the biggest hit game franchises in recent memory is fully behind its freshly announced operating system, SteamOS. Marcus "Notch" Persson, co-founder of Mojang and creator of the hit franchise Minecraft took to Twitter to praise Valve's announcement and said that – in the face of all his concerns about Windows 8 – this was welcomed news. Persson has been a vocal critic of Windows 8 and its Marketplace, saying that it was another "walled garden." Persson does not feel the same way about Xbox Live Arcade, nor the upcoming Xbox One..

"Valve is saving the entire gaming world, but I all I can do is mumble passive aggressively about crowbars," Persson wrote on Twitter.

"Seriously, this overly drawn out steambox announcement thing is amazing news," he added. "Win8's been worrying me. <3 valve."

You can find more details on Valve's new OS here.

Source: GameSpot

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