Video Game Retail Veteran to Parents: Do The Right Thing

Kotaku has an interesting editorial written by "a video game retail veteran" discussing how 100 of the 1,000 copies of Grand Theft Auto V sold last week were to parents accompanied by young kids who "couldn't even see over the counter." In his editorial he talks about being a parent who works at a retailer that sells games, and how he is often surprised at how many parents don't pay attention to the ESRB descriptors, shrug off any advice about what a given title might contain, or how many parents simply ignore what he is saying.

Obviously it's up to parents what games their children play, but this guy thinks a little more responsibility and education is needed by parents.

It also shows that these moves to ban or restrict games are wrongheaded because the ESRB system and the people that sell games do their best to explain to adult consumers what they are buying.

You can read the editorial on Kotaku. As a parent of a teenage boy, I know exactly what this guy is saying: I don't let my young son play games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto V because they are not for him. Luckily he's too into Minecraft, Terraria, Dragon Quest, Pokémon, and Spiral Knights to care about those kinds of games.

Thanks to Papa Midnight for the link.

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