Video: The Virtual Morality of GTA V

Conservative college group Campus Reform's Caleb Bonham asks college students about the "virtual morality" (or lack thereof, from his perspective) in Grand Theft Auto V. In his video he interviews college students about whether it is acceptable to run over a prostitute and get your money back or kill policemen in the game. Most say that these are perfectly acceptable activities because the world is not real. Bonham does manage to stump a few people when he asks if allowing a player to rape someone is acceptable, just like the other things players can do in the game.

A number of the people he talks to admit that allowing rape in the game might be going a bit too far and say that the industry has a line that it likely won't cross (rape).

Many game publishers do have a line they won't cross; for example, most games won't allow you to kill children and rape is still a very taboo and controversial subject in the video games industry.

Watch the video to your left. Conservative columnist Jim Treacher offers a counter-point to Bohnam's video over at The Daily Caller.

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