IndieGameStand Goes Big With New Store Front

After a year of small sales of some great indie game titles, IndieGameStand is going big. The digital storefront dedicated to selling the best indie games becomes a full blown indie game digital store front, joining the ranks of Steam,, and the Humble Game Bundle. The store now has a permanent and dedicated store front with a full catalog of indie games – in addition to the 96 hour indie deals it has become famous for. The new catalog is located at, and launches with 94 games from over 72 developers.

To celebrate the launch of the expanded store, IndieGameStand is working with 14 developers for a grand opening sale offering discounts of up to 15 percent off on select titles until October 1. Games in this sale include the episodic adventure series Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, puzzle platformer Escape Goat, sandbox village management game Gnomoria, and co-op dungeon crawler Dungeon Dashers. More on the sale can be found here.

IndieGameStand promises to work closely with developers, providing them with a better revenue split (75/25 revenue split in favor of the developer), 1-2 day approval times on games, flexible backend tools for developers to set up PC, Mac, and Linux games in the store in an hour or less, the ability to link to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns, the ability to distribute Desura or Steam keys, and make alpha and beta builds of their games available to consumers. Developers interested in learning more can visit for more details. They can also check out these testimonials from other developers on YouTube.

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