Stardock Lawsuits Settled With an Apology

September 24, 2013 - Andrew Eisen

Two lawsuits between game developer Stardock Systems and former employee Alexandra Miseta have been dismissed.

The first lawsuit, filed by Miseta against Stardock CEO Brad Wardell in December of 2010, alleged sexual harassment and a "hostile work environment."

The second lawsuit, filed by Wardell against Miseta in August of 2012, alleged that the former marketing manager "deleted, destroyed, and/or stole promotional materials, analytics data, and trade show information" vital to the launch of Elemental: War of Magic.

Miseta and Wardell agreed to drop their respective lawsuits in exchange for a letter of apology from Miseta.  You can read the letter at Kotaku.  No other conditions of the settlement are known but reportedly, no money was exchanged.

Neither Miseta or her legal representation would comment on the agreement but Wardell offered Kotaku the following:

"[We] were willing to go to trial. However, we believe her apology for having filed a lawsuit against us and for deleting our marketing assets was sufficient to justify letting this matter go. Hopefully, when people read something ugly about someone in the Internet they'll be a bit more likely to reserve judgment. This was a difficult time for everyone involved. We hold no animus towards her and do not want to see her put into a bad light."

Source: Kotaku

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Stardock Lawsuits Settled With an Apology

For some reason, i just love star dock even more after this article. 

Re: Stardock Lawsuits Dropped In Lieu of Apology

That's not really what "in lieu of" means.  You're saying that the lawsuits were dropped instead of, or in place of, an apology.  I think "in light of" would be closer to what you probably meant.

</pedant>  (until next time... ;)

Re: Stardock Lawsuits Dropped In Lieu of Apology

Oddly enough, I know exactly what "in lieu of" means and I still misused it.  That's what I get for rushing out an article during my lunch break.


Andrew Eisen

Re: Stardock Lawsuits Dropped In Lieu of Apology

Well then, the solution is clear: no more lunch for you!

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