Grand Theft Auto V PC Petition Surpasses 500K Signatures

The petition on urging Rockstar Games to port Grand Theft Auto V to the PC has seen another major surge this week, jumping from over 450,000 signatures to over 500,000. The petition had a little over 450,000 signatures a few days, ago – up from just over 365,000 signatures a little after the game's retail release. It had 200,000 signatures in July and has seen its support balloon since the release of the game last week.

Rockstar has not publicly commented on this petition or its recent growth spurt, but no doubt the company is paying close attention to it – having half a million people interested in a particular version of a game is hard to ignore.

On a related note, the Wii U Grand Theft Auto V petition on now has 5,894 supporters, up from the 5,109 supporters it had the last time we checked.

You can find PC petition right here and the Wii U petition here.

Yesterday Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz wrote in a research note to investors that Grand Theft Auto V sales have likely surpassed 15 million units worldwide and that the game will sell 25 million units in its first year of release.

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    Papa Midnight says:

    Let's say for a moment that each one of those 500,000 signatories hypothetically represented a buyer. Lets say that the purchase price was $60. That's $30,000,000; and there was not even a need to spend overhead on marketing or printing and shipment of a retail package. "That's not even enough to justify a basic port?"


  2. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    500,000 signatures of persons who follow the news and have decided to add their name to the petition is not indicative of a potential several million buyers.

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    quiknkold says:

    Petitions are not worth that much, even one with 500k signatures. ultimatly considering the number of copies sold, and the number projected just for ps3 and 360, 500k is a minor number. 30 million(60 per copy)….out of a Billion. 

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