Microsoft Plans to Support Xbox One for Ten Years

Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison says that the upcoming next-generation Xbox One console is expected to have decade-long lifecycle. The Xbox One's launch on November 22 will commence the platform's "more than 10-year journey," Harrison said today during his Eurogamer Expo keynote address. Through features and services – including the cloud, Microsoft plans to support the Xbox One for more than a decade, Harrison said.

Microsoft said earlier in the year that its current generation Xbox 360 console will be supported for another three years. That system launched in late 2005.

Harrison also reiterated that Microsoft has 300,000 dedicated servers for the Xbox One to support features like multiplayer and various networking services, as well as for cloud processing and artificial intelligence.

For the sake of anyone who purchases the $500 machine on November 22, I hope Harrison is right. I also hope that in this cycle consumers can manage to only purchase one system instead of two or more. It seems like Microsoft might have a handle on letting users avoid the dreaded red ring of death this time around with new features that keep the system from cooking itself when it overheats…

Source: GameSpot

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