Police: Child Drowned While Mother Played Video Games

September 26, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

A 22-year-old Tennessee mother has been charged with abuse and neglect in connection with the March 2013 death of her three-year-old daughter, according to an Associated Press report republished on The Times Free Press.

A Van Buren County grand jury indicted Samantha Brymer-Armstrong on Tuesday related to the March death of her daughter, Kayleigh Armstrong, who was found unresponsive in a swimming pool at their home in Spencer, Tennessee. She died the next day.

Police testified that Armstrong told investigators at the time that her daughter was left unattended for more than an hour while she played unnamed video games in a back bedroom of her home while wearing headphones. Further details on the case were not disclosed as of this writing. You can watch the AP report video below:



Source: The Times Free Press


Re: Police: Child Drowned While Mother Played Video Games

Nothing new here.

Has happened with football, baseball, cooking, cleaning, yard work, shopping, you pick it someones done it and not noticed their child getting into an ill designed and very unsafe pool just to drown.

In a few cases it was even in the tub.  

But of course the media's gonna probably try to demonize the games for it of course.

Re: Police: Child Drowned While Mother Played Video Games

This is why I don't like multi-class characters. They're too hard to juggle. She put all her XP into being a wizard and little into being a mum. Sure, she casts a wicked fireball, but that doesn't help a drowning child.

Re: Police: Child Drowned While Mother Played Video Games

"Abuse and neglect"; quite possibly the most succinct way to evaluate this. Bad Parenting, and mismanaged priorities. Nothing more, nothing less.

Papa Midnight

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