UKIE Calls for Merger with Tiga

UK video games Industry trade group UKIE called for a merger with Tiga, a trade group representing developers, at its AGM today. UKIE chairman Andy Payne said he was "extending a hand" to Tiga CEO Richard Wilson and the board to explore how the two trade bodies can work together. He said the current split meant the industry only had “half our voice, half our power" with two separate organizations.

"It just feels like we should be one because we are a new industry," said Payne. "It would be easier, for the media and politicians."

UKIE CEO Jo Twist said that the two organizations already discuss industry matters together, and that the trade bodies shouldn't be competing for members:

"We've had a lot of members leave Tiga and join UKIE but they shouldn't have to," said Twist.

Tiga has not – as of this writing – responded to UKIE's call for a merger. We will have more on this story as it develops.

Source: Develop by way of MCV

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