Washington Navy Yard Shooter Believed He Was Being Bombarded With Radio Signals

It must be hard for the mainstream media to continue with the hypothetical that Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was heavily influenced by playing violent video games in the wake of new evidence released by the FBI on Wednesday. The FBI released a note written by Alexis prior to his shooting rampage that led to the killing of 12 people. His rampage ended when police shot and killed him. In the note, Alexis says that ultra-low frequency attacks had unsettled him enough to kill:

"Ultra-low frequency attack is what I've been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this," read an electronic document FBI agents recovered after the shooting.

The shotgun used to kill 12 people was also etched with the words "My Elf Weapon!" – a reference to extremely low-frequency waves — and "End to The Torment!"

The ELF frequency range is used for submarine communications, but conspiracy theorists believe it is also used by the government to monitor and control the minds of citizens.

The FBI also noted that a month earlier in Rhode Island Alexis complained to police that "people were talking to him through the walls and ceilings of his hotel room" and sending microwave vibrations into his body to deprive him of sleep.

Kansascity.com has more on the story here, but the take-away is that Aaron Alexis suffered from unchecked mental illness. Had he been in treatment for his condition, maybe he would not have been able to purchase a shotgun or get a government security clearance in the first place.

Source: KansasCity.com

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  1. 0
    mthiel says:

    "Had he been in treatment for his condition, maybe he would not have been able to purchase a shotgun or get a government security clearance in the first place."

    And if there was a waiting period on video games, he still would have obtained Call of Duty

  2. 0
    Technogeek says:

    And yet I am not hearing the talking heads going over how we should be clamping down on conspiracy theory sites or media…..

    That's just what they WANT you to believe.

  3. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    Don't be so sure. Somewhere, there's someone so desperate to paint video games in a bad light and try to connect them to shootings that they will do their best to try to draw a connection to the urban legend related to the supposed "Pokemon Lavender Town Syndrome".

  4. 0
    Avalongod says:

    Well the next line will be….what impact do violent video games have on people with these mental health problems?  Do we have any data to suggest they exaccerbate these problems?  No.  But let's not stop from speculating…

  5. 0
    Hevach says:

    Allow me to predict the next entry on this matter from Fox and Friends: 


    "You know what else ELF is? Elf, as in elves, who commonly use their weapons to torment others in video games. And you know what else radio waves do? They do WIFI, which is used for video games."
    "Wow, that's so thoughtful and insightful, how can anybody say video games didn't drive this poor innocent sane man to kill so many?"
    "Nobody reasonable says that, only other video gamers. Now let me stick my hand in this fire to see if it's hot."

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