Father Blames Minecraft for Son Bringing Gun to School

A nine-year old boy from Orlando, Florida has been placed in "home confinement" for bring weapons to school. His father claims that the boy brought "an unloaded handgun, a magazine with six bullets inside, a steak knife and a small-handled sledge hammer" to school because he was emulating what the main character "Steve" does in Minecraft.

"They use hammers to dig and knives and guns to protect themselves from zombies," he said, according to the a report from Orlando news station WFTV.

The father said that the boy was just acting out the game in real life and that the gun he brought to school could never be fired because the firing pin had been removed. The father did not explain why his son was able to get the gun or the ammo in the first place. The son was not named because he is a minor.

Minecraft is rated E10+ by the ESRB, and while there is some cartoon violence in the game, it hardly rises to the level of the Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty series. In some schools, Minecraft is being used to teach children as well.

It just goes to show you that, in order to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions, some parents will say anything, and some judges who are ignorant of basic facts about things, will accept those arguments.

Source: WFTV by way of Kotaku

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