Operation Supply Drop Aims to Raise $60K in Donations Over Veterans Day Weekend For the Troops

Video game charity Operation Supply Drop has announced "The 8-Bit Salute to Veterans" campaign, taking place on Saturday, November 9 over Veterans Day weekend across a variety of nationwide live events and online gaming marathons. Operation Supply Drop is a charity that collects money and video games to send to soldiers deployed in combat zones around the world and recovering in military hospitals.

"We set a high bar for ourselves last year raising $58,000 in games and gear, but 2013 has been an amazing year for the charity," said Captain Stephen "Shanghai Six" Machuga. "We've doubled the number of supply drops we plan on sending to Afghanistan and Walter Reed Hospital, I'm confident we can make these numbers happen…but we're going to need some help."

For more information about how you can get involved in helping out with this year's "8-Bit Salute," visit OperationSupplyDrop.org.

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