PS4 Beats Xbox One in Reuters Poll

Reuters does not usually check the pulse of Americans when it comes to video games, but a new Reuters/Ipsos poll does just that and the results (if you believe them to be showing a trend) are not good for Microsoft. The poll asked respondents to indicated their interest in dedicated gaming devices. Around 26 percent of the 1,297 people surveyed through an online poll last week indicated that they are likely to purchase a PlayStation 4 when it launches on November 15, compared to 15 percent who said they would buy an Xbox One on November 22.

When taking into account the age of the respondent, the number gets even smaller for Microsoft's upcoming console. 41 percent of those polled under the age of 40 said that they would buy a PS4, compared to 27 percent saying they wanted to buy an Xbox One.

The poll was conducted September 23-27, and Reuters said that it was based on a "limited sample." That said, Reuters thinks that the polling could "potentially point to a lopsided battle during the crucial holiday season."

Of course, both the Xbox One and the PS4 do very poorly in the poll when other options are at play. Around 64 percent of total respondents said that they would not buy any new game-specific hardware at all – even when presented with options like the Nintendo 2DS and Valve's Steam Box prototype.

The PS4 ($400) goes on sales November 15, while the Xbox One ($500) launches November 22.

The poll also found that only 3 percent of respondents said they currently play games on Wii U, compared to 20 percent for Xbox 360, 20 percent for PC, and 18 percent for PS3.

You can check out the poll here.

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