Grand Theft Auto V Petition Has Over 572K Supporters

The petition urging Rockstar Games to port Grand Theft Auto V to the PC has around 72,000 more supporters than it had the last time we checked. As of this writing, the petition has 572,777 supporters – up from the 500,000 it had on Sept. 26.

The petition has garnered a lot of support since the game was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on Sept. 17. Prior to hitting the 500,000 mark, the petition had a little over 450,000 signatures about a week ago – up from just over 365,000 signatures a little after the game's retail release. It had 200,000 signatures in July.

Meanwhile, the petition to bring the game to the Wii U is now at 6,407 supporters, up from the 5,894 supporters it had managed to get as of Sept. 26.

You can find the PC petition here and the Wii U petition here.

Rockstar has not publicly commented on its plans to bring the game to either platform.


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