Grand Theft Auto V Petition Has Over 572K Supporters

The petition urging Rockstar Games to port Grand Theft Auto V to the PC has around 72,000 more supporters than it had the last time we checked. As of this writing, the petition has 572,777 supporters – up from the 500,000 it had on Sept. 26.

The petition has garnered a lot of support since the game was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 on Sept. 17. Prior to hitting the 500,000 mark, the petition had a little over 450,000 signatures about a week ago – up from just over 365,000 signatures a little after the game's retail release. It had 200,000 signatures in July.

Meanwhile, the petition to bring the game to the Wii U is now at 6,407 supporters, up from the 5,894 supporters it had managed to get as of Sept. 26.

You can find the PC petition here and the Wii U petition here.

Rockstar has not publicly commented on its plans to bring the game to either platform.


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  1. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    ….. *head desk* I really hope Rockstar ignores it, and they probably will.


    History shows that a PC port always comes, however these people are asking for the crappiest one possible.

  2. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    Maybe give them a chance to di it first?

    Unless you mean about these people trying to rush it, because in that case I'm with you on it, let Rockstar take their time and get it right.

  3. 0
    Andrew Eisen says:

    <sour grapes>If it did come to the Wii U, it would probably be missing the online mode or something.</sour grapes>


    Andrew "grumble puss" Eisen

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