Report: Capcom Cutting Nearly Half of European Work Force

According to several published reports – including one over at CVG, Capcom will slash nearly half of its employees in Europe as part of a continental-wide restructuring plan.

Capcom has confirmed that the company "is undergoing a major restructure following a difficult year," but did not provide specific details on just how much of its workforce in Europe could be laid off. The layoffs are expected to impact Capcom's publishing, distribution and marketing network across Europe. Layoffs may also affect how much Capcom can spend on development partnerships in the region.

The restructure in Europe follows Capcom's restructuring in North America, which came after the company posted less than optimal results in July. At the time, Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson voluntarily left the company and Capcom cut staff in the U.S.

Source: CVG

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