Republicans Take Aim at Net Neutrality in Debt Ceiling Debate

According to The Hill, one of the demands that Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives have put forth calls for a repeal of the FCC's rules on net neutrality.

According to the publication, a memo was circulated late last week amongst Republican lawmakers detailing some of the demands that they have put forth as a condition of passing a budget and raising the debt ceiling.

Those demands include the aforementioned repeal of net neutrality rules, and policy priorities related to health care, energy, taxes, and other issues. Obviously the most significant demand is a one-year delay of the president's healthcare law.

A meeting last night among Democratic and Republican lawmakers from both chambers of Congress with the President didn't solve any of the issues related to the budget. Republicans are saying that the President is not willing to negotiate, while Democratic leaders say that Republicans are engaging in acts of extortion.

The government has been shut down for two days.

Source: The Hill

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Just a point of clarification – you mentioned "legalized spy services," which I assume you refer to Spygate.

    You do know that Spygate has been proven to be started by Bill Clinton, a Democrat, right?  And that, while George Bush's Patriot Act expanded those powers (granted by a Democrat), it was approved by a Democratic majority in the House and Senate when it was passed, and that Obama (yet another Democrat) expanded those powers yet again?

    Clearly, Spygate has nothing to do with just one political party.

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    GrimCW says:

    Sounds like extortion to me.. I don't often take either real side in these sorts of political things, but the Repubs are in a half a good stance, but the other foot is planted firmly in bullshit just so they can reap more money and legalized spy services against citizens…..

    Meanwhile the dems are pushing for far to much outsourced crap and to budget things we can't afford to begin with, while at the same, somewhat standing for the rights of the individual..

    Yeah.. this is why usually just stay away from D.C. politics…

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