OfCom Report: UK Home Console Ownership Declines

The latest "Children and Parents Media Use and Attitudes Report" from UK regulatory agency OfCom shows a decline in console ownership for the first time in the region. The report notes that 87 percent of children live in a UK household with a home or portable games console – compared to 90 percent in 2012. Around 66 percent of children ages 3-4 have a console; 78 percent for the 5 – 7-year-olds have a console system at home, and 91 percent of 8 – 11-year-olds said they have a console in the home. The report notes that every age bracket decreased, compared to 2012.

Boys remain more likely than girls to access a games console, according to the report. Boys 5 – 7-years-old are 18 percent more likely, 8 – 11-year-olds are 14 percent more likely, and 12 – 15-year-olds are 23 percent more likely. The report also found that there has been a very sharp decline in the number of children who have consoles in their bedrooms, which peaked at 65 percent in 2009, but declined to 47 percent in 2013.

Despite all of these shifting numbers, the overall number of children playing games remains unchanged at 88 percent and consoles continue to be the most commonly used device for gaming in UK households.

Console use has declined among all age groups by an average of around ten percent, with some game time being spent using portable devices like tablets; tablet gaming has grown from 7 to 23 percent among 5 – 15-year-olds.

You can read the OfCom report here.

Source: MCV

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