Secretive TPP Trade Pact ‘A Corporate Trojan Horse’

Democracy Now, "a daily independent global news hour" hosted by Amy Goodman & Juan González talks extensively with Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade treaty.

In the nearly 30 minute discussion, Wallach calls the TPP a "corporate Trojan horse." She points out that the treaty that is supposed to be about trade actually only has five chapters dedicated to trade. The other 25 chapters "handcuff our domestic governments, limiting food safety, environmental standards, financial regulation, energy and climate policy, or establishing new powers for corporations," she claims.

She also says that the TPP (which has mostly been negotiated behind closed doors but has been widely available to 600 corporate advisors) brings back portions of SOPA, which was soundly defeated by online protests and pressure to lawmakers:

"And then there’s a whole set of very worrisome issues relating to Internet freedom. Through sort of the backdoor of the copyright chapter of TPP is a whole chunk of SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act, that activism around the country successfully derailed a year ago. Think about all the things that would be really hard to get into effect as a corporation in public, a lot of them rejected here and in the other 11 countries, and that is what’s bundled in to the TPP. And every country would be required to change its laws domestically to meet these rules. The binding provision is, each country shall ensure the conformity of domestic laws, regulations and procedures."

Watch the entire video below. For more information, check out Democracy Now.

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