Scotland Gets Its Own Trade Group: The Scottish Games Network

Scotland has decided that it needs its own trade body that better represents its unique perspective and business in the region. The new trade body is called the Scottish Games Network. The group wants to serve as a unified contact point in Scotland for every company in the video game sector including developers, tech companies, retailers, media, and academic institutions.

"We are now in the position where there are multiple organizations interacting with the games sector, from government, parliament and the public sector, to the wider digital, screen and creative industries," said director Brian Baglow. "To enable and support this, the Scottish Games Network has become an official and committed full-time company."

The Scotland Games Network joins the two other UK trade associations, UKIE and TIGA. Interestingly enough, there was talk earlier in the month that UKIE and TIGA should become one organization via a merger.

"Our goal is, very simply, to help the country's games industry grow and prosper," added Baglow. "We will be working with government, the public sector and other trade bodies to provide data, expertise and insight into the games industry, as well as helping the industry open itself up to the wider creative world, fostering new partnerships, collaboration, diversity, funding; and encouraging entirely new experiences."

Source: GII

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