Florida Supreme Court Rejects ‘Xbox Killer’s’ Appeal

The Florida Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of Deltona, Florida mass murderer Troy Victorino. While the court said that there were problems with the case, those issues did not rise to the level that would overturn Victorino’s conviction. In September 2006, Victorino and another killer were sentenced to death for the brutal 2004 slaying of six people and a dog using baseball bats and knives. The crime has been described as one of the most gruesome mass killings in the state’s history.

Two other suspects were sentenced to life in prison, but Victorino was given four consecutive death sentences for his part in the crime, which prosecutors proved to a jury were substantial. Victorino has been referred to as the “Xbox killer,” because the crime revolved around property he claimed was stolen from a house that he and others were squatting in – most notably an Xbox console. Twenty-five-year-old Jerone Hunter was also sentenced to death.

Victorino has unsuccessfully tried to get his conviction overturned before in the state’s highest court. He was convicted on July 25, 2006 on six counts of first degree murder; one count of abuse of a dead human body; one count of armed burglary of a dwelling; one count of conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, murder, armed burglary of a dwelling, and tampering with physical evidence; and one count of cruelty to an animal.

Victorino’s lawyer raised issues regarding his initial trial and whether he was properly represented (by another attorney); and about testimony from an accomplice that fingered Victorino as the ringleader which should have been challenged. The highest court in the state rejected those arguments. It is unclear whether Victorino’s lawyer will take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court at this point…

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