Florida Surgeons Prepare for Surgery by Playing ‘Super Monkey Ball’

Surgeons at Florida Hospital Celebration Health in Kissimmee, Florida spend six minutes playing Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube prior to conducting surgery because it makes them less likely to make mistakes. The Orlando Sentinel highlights the game-playing surgeons in a recent article and explains why it is important for giving patients better care and a safer experience when undergoing surgery.

Surgeons at the hospital do this because of the work done by general surgeon Dr. James Rosser, who conducted research about the usefulness of video games between 2001 and 2003. Dr. Rosser conducted research using 300 surgeons where he had them play a 6-minute warm-up video game prior to conducting simulated laparoscopic surgery. One half of the group played Super Monkey Ball for six minutes, while the control group did not.

His research concluded that those who played the game prior to the simulation performed better. The study found that surgeons who played the game for more than three hours per week made 37 percent fewer errors, were 27 percent faster, and scored 26 percent better overall than surgeons who did not play any games.

Dr. Rosser, who also works at Florida Hospital Celebration Health has helped open a gaming area in the surgeon's lounge, allowing up to four doctors play to Super Monkey Ball. He and his colleagues obviously believe strongly in the research and the practical use of games as tools to improve patient care.

You can learn more about Dr. Rosser, his video game playing, and the hospital from the news report below.

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