Indie Games for Good Charity Marathon Kicks Off Oct. 17

This Thursday, October 17 the gaming group Cloudboat Armada will kick off its third annual Indie Games for Good charity marathon benefitting Child's Play Charity. The Indie Games for Good marathon will be broadcast live over the internet on Thursday and will run around as long as the donations continue to come in. The marathon could span multiple days if people open their hearts and their wallets for those playing games for the children's charity.

Over the course of the event, the group will play through over 100 independently developed games, many of which will be chosen by the viewers who make donations. Viewers will also have the opportunity to win prizes, participate in live auctions and giveaways, ask questions of game developers who have agreed to do live interviews, and more. Last year, Indie Games for Good played for 76 hours straight and raised nearly $13,000 for charity.

"One of the best things about the indie game community is how connected developers are with their fans," says Elena Churilov, one of the event’s coordinators. "We really wanted to stay true to that spirit with IGG, which is why we’ve made such an effort to reach out to both game developers and the gaming community at large. IGG is an opportunity to share games and have fun, while at the same time having a real positive effect on the world."

All donations go through PayPal directly to Child's Play. The marathon begins on October 17th at 12PM PDT. For more information or to watch the broadcast, visit You can also find the group on Twitter at and on Facebook at


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