Rights Groups Take Aim on NSA Spying Tonight at Manhattan Rally

A new video detailing the National Security Agency's (NSA) broad spying programs on Americans will be on display tonight at 9:00 PM ET in Manhattan, projected onto a building for everyone to see. Internet freedom groups Fight for the Future and Demand Progress have teamed up with Golden Globe nominee Evangeline Lilly (Lost, The Hobbit) to produce a 5-minute crowd funded video that explains the NSA’s surveillance programs and calls for an end to them.

The groups will project the film onto the side of a large building in Manhattan using the power of the The Illuminator (a cargo van equipped with video and audio projection, as well as a fully stocked infoshop and mini-library)

According to an online invitation and Facebook event, a crowd of supporters will gather at Washington Square Park at 9pm and will be among the first people in the world to see the video, which is expected to be shared widely on social media after its debut. According to organizers, the event is meant to educate New Yorkers and encourage them to attend the Stop Watching Us Rally Against Mass Surveillance, which will be in Washington, DC on October 26th. Volunteers will roam the crowd with free bags of popcorn and flyers to promote the upcoming rally, and participants will be able to sign up to ride buses leaving from NYC to go to the protest.

This event is being hosted by Fight for the Future, Demand Progress, and Restore the Fourth NYC, with support from The Illuminator and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Organizers from several of the host groups will address the crowd.


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