Developers Rebuke Ryse Crunch Time Tweet from Crytek

A tweet from Crytek has rubbed several developers the wrong way leading some to lash out at the company in a very public fashion. Talking about finishing up its upcoming game Ryse, Crytek tweeted that the development team had been in crunch mode as it pushed hard to have the title ready to ship in time for the Xbox One launch on November 15.

"By the time #Ryse ships for #XboxOne, we will have served the crunching team more than 11,500 dinners throughout development. #RyseFacts," the official Twitter account for the game joked.

In response, several developers used the #RyseFacts hashtag to assail Crytek on Twitter, noting that it seemed like the company was proud of the fact that its Ryse development team was suffering through crunch time, missing time with family and eating dinner at an office while working late into the night to meet a deadline.

"So much for being progressive, moving the industry forward with good management and work-life balance practices," wrote game artist Tanya Kan. "While crunches are endemic for the entire industry, that tone of pride is galling, twisted against health of creatives."

"@RyseGame How big is your team? I am trying to calculate the amount of abuse they have been subjected to," Eufloria co-creator Alex May tweeted.

"At best crunch shows our inability to control our passion and at worst it is forced labor. Never something to brag about," added Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak.

It should be noted that most of the responses to the original tweet were not about crunch time – that's a common occurrence in the games industry – but to the fact that Crytek seemed to be proud of the fact that their team was enduring the practice in the first place…

Source: Develop

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    Samster says:

    "Crunch time" is the result of terrible project management. Employees should never be EXPECTED to do such ridiculous overtime. If they want to, fine, but when your project rides on every employee working all the hours god sends, your project management sucks. It's that simple.

    My boss, who has been doing excessive amounts of unpaid overtime for months due to my company not giving our team enough resources and too much work, has recently had a mental breakdown and is now off long-term sick. Last year, I was doing so much overtime for a project we'd been given unreasonable timescales on that I flared up a condition I didn't even know I had, and was in so much pain with my hands, wrists and arms that I was seriously terrified I was at the end of my IT career, at 28 (no, it wasn't carpal tunnel or RSI).

    This shit's plain not GOOD for you. You get more out of your employees when they have a decent work-life balance and aren't exhausted at their job 24/7.

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    Davvolun says:

    As someone who works hard, earns a good living, and has a normal work week of 40 hours, I think you should start complaining because you shouldn't have to devote your life to earning enough money to live your life.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Considering MY workweek – 60+ hours every week, overnight – I don't see how anyone has much of a right to complain, so long as Crytek is paying their employees.

    The other devs should shut up.

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