Game Puts Players in the Shoes of Anne Frank for One Day

Munich, Germany-based game designer Kira Resari is working on an interactive video game that puts players in the shoes of Anne Frank, with the hopes of memorializing the Holocaust for the millennial generation. The 25-year-old designer recently told a German media outlet that "younger generations need access to history on their own wavelength."

The game puts players in the shoes of Anne Frank for one day as she and her family hide from Nazi forces in the attic of an Amsterdam home during World War II. The game is meant to be an interactive experience, but not fun, according to its designer. The game focuses on the day in October 1942 that Anne wrote in her diary about her fear that a worker was about to discover the family’s hiding place.

"I want to make a contribution toward ensuring that she is never forgotten," he said.

Scott-Hendryk Dillan, a spokesman for the Anne Frank Center in Berlin, told JTA that the center is aware of the project but has not had the opportunity to evaluate it.

Dillan added that the website for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam offers a virtual tour through the house where the Franks were in hiding. He said that, while the game is state of the art, it is "not interactive."

"This Munich game designer is the first to do this," he added.

We will have more on this game as new information becomes available.

Source: JTA


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