Halo 3 for Free to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Today

Bungie's 2007 first-person shooter hit Halo 3 is now available as a free download to Xbox Live Gold subscribers as part of Microsoft's Games with Gold program. The game normally sells for $15. In the first half of the month Microsoft offered the puzzle-RPG Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for free.

Microsoft will continue the Games with Gold program until the end of the year. It has not revealed which games will be free in the month of November yet. The company said that it may continue the free games giveaway program after Dec., but has not made a definitive decision on that yet.

You can learn more about Games with Gold here.

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    Adaptor says:

    This GwG thing really feels like it's more of a way for MS to (seemingly) gain feature parity with PSN than it is to provide some real extra value to their customers.

    Ofcourse Sony had some catching up to do and had to come up with bigger offers but MS's mediocre GwG games combined with the already terrible 'sales' really makes it look like MS doesn't really care anymore.

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