The Ballad of Reemus 2 Hits Funding Goal

2D point-and-click adventure game sequel The Ballads of Reemus 2 managed to raise $15,170 CAD via its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, putting the project $170 CAD above its funding goal of $15,000 CAD. As of this writing, the crowd-funding campaign has just over two days to go before its Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

Developed by Hamilton, Canada-based indie developer Jay Ziebarth, the game is a follow-up to The Ballads of Reemus, a 2D adventure romp with a wacky storyline about a medieval exterminator and his loyal purple bear sidekick Liam as they battle giant insects in a quest to legitimize "extermination" as a heroic career path.

The game is being developed for Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs, with Android and iOS versions still possible if certain stretch goals are met. You can learn more about the game at, or simply go straight to Kickstarter.


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