Coinstar Kiosks Will Offer Xbox Live Currency Options

That machine that you put your pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters into to get more manageable currency from will soon spit out Xbox Live Gold memberships or cash you can use on Microsoft's online gaming platform. Rixty is partnering with Microsoft to bring Xbox Live codes wholesale to a number of other currency platforms, including Coinstar and Great Lakes Scrip Center's gift card retailer, the companies announced today.

Rixty will offer Xbox Live gift cards in amounts ranging from $5 to $100, which can be redeemed on players' Xbox console or in the Windows Store on phone, PC or tablet. Consumers who use Coinstar kiosks to deposit coins for bills can now select the gift card or e-certificate option and have all that loose change converted into an Xbox Live currency voucher.

"Rixty is already an established alternative payment platform for online games, and we're proud to be selected as one of the few approved Xbox Live Gift Card and Gold Membership wholesalers," said Rixty CEO Ted Sorom in a press statement. "By expanding our channels to nontraditional resellers such as loyalty and incentive programs, we're giving these partners access to lucrative new products and consumers more convenient ways to obtain their favorite entertainment content."

Source: Polygon


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