Mutant Football League Crowd-Funding Campaign Ends Unsuccessfully

October 17, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

A Kickstarter campaign to create a sequel to the popular Sega Genesis football game Mutant Football League has ended on an unsuccessful note. The crowd-funding campaign launched by the franchise's original creator Michael Mendheim ended yesterday, raising only $141,821 of the $750,000 goal. Had the game been funded, it would have launched in the summer of 2015 for PC, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, iOS, and Android.

Obviously Mendheim was disappointed in the results.

"It's been a tough month with a lot of ups and downs but this being my first Kickstarter and all," Mendheim said. "I must say, it's been quite a fascinating experience with a lot of lessons learned."

Despite the Kickstarter campaign's failure, Mendheim said he is optimistic that a new Mutant Football League game will be made in the future.

"We will be back my friends. Not sure how, when... but we're coming," he said. "YOU BETTER BE READY!"

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Re: Mutant Football League Crowd-Funding Campaign Ends ...

Before I'd even heard about the Kickstarter, I'd been saying we needed a reboot of the ML franchise. If what they had shown of this game though was to be that reboot, I'm very glad it failed.

Re: Mutant Football League Crowd-Funding Campaign Ends ...

Not really surprised that it didn't work. As much as I love Mutant League Football, and as much as the games industry needs a popular football game to compete with Madden, this campaign just wasn't doing it.

I don't know what exactly to say it was, but the campaign just didn't seem to be all that sincere. It seemed to be mostly a "We had a fun game in the past let's make it again." The guy running the campaign didn't really have a strong base of support to justify him coming back to make new games in an old franchise. Frankly, I never knew who the guy was even now. 

Maybe we will get a new Mutant League game at some point. I really hope we will. But I think this guy needs to prove himself before it will happen through Kickstarter.

Re: Mutant Football League Crowd-Funding Campaign Ends ...

Don't think the flash game like graphics they were portraying as its base was helping much either TBH.

From what little was shown/explained it almost sounded like a free game from newgrounds moreso than one you'd pay for :/

Re: Mutant Football League Crowd-Funding Campaign Ends ...

Football was fun, but my fondest memories are of the chainsaw being thrown onto the rink in hockey...

Always felt the football one was over rated TBH. But if I had to choose between MLF and Madden... Mutant League is by far a much more entertaining game.

Shame it failed tbh though.

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