GTA V PC Petition Now Has Over 600K Supporters

The petition to bring Grand Theft Auto V to the PC continues to garner a respectable amount of support. As of this writing the petition has over 600,000 supporters, up from 500,000 a month ago. GTA V was released a month ago on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, generating $800 million in 24 hours and more than $1 billion in three days. PC gamers want in on that action, but Rockstar continues to be quiet on the subject.

Still there has been plenty of talk, with analysts, and tech executives saying that a PC version of the game is definitely going to happen within the first quarter of the year. Multiple industry sources this month said that GTA V would be released on PC in early 2014 – including executives from Nvidia and Intel.

Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said earlier this month that the game will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014. Other analysts have said that the PC version would likely be released within the same time period.

While Rockstar has not confirmed a PC version of GTA V, it will likely port the game over after the Holiday season. When it released GTA IV it waited 8 months after the console versions of the game were released to bring the game to the PC.

Source: GameSpot

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  1. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    Fair enough I suppose, though honestly, sports titles have always faired better on console than PC, though I suppose there are some things the PC might do better when, well, it's done right.

  2. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    I am not necessarily disagreeing with the original post about GTA IV and EFLC, but to address your sarcasm, I'd point you in the direction of 2K Sports and their PC releases of NBA 2K and MLB 2K.

  3. 0
    GrimCW says:

    I wonder sometimes.

    People don't seem to understand what goes into making a game functional, and not just a hack job…

    They'll whine piss and moan about an unfinished or unpolished game, but then cry when its not released right away.

    Or go ape shit over a delay thats for the betterment of the game…. oye… Delays suck, but its better than ending up with an unfinished product IMO.

  4. 0
    GrimCW says:

    Seriously.. I'd swear I read it was going to be released a year after the consoles awhile ago (not the recent announcement)

    Was I somehow seeing the future at the time or something?

    And why do they still persist.. it is coming, just not right away.. Do they want a rushed hack job like GTAIV ended up being or what?


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