Report: Seven in Ten Australians Play Video Games

A new report commissioned by the Australian video game industry trade group Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) reveals that seven in 10 Australians play video games and 86 percent of parents who buy video games play those games with their children. The Digital Australia 2014 report also reveals that Australian households have at least one device for playing video games in the home.

The Digital Australia 2014 report is the fifth study in a series conducted by Bond University and takes a look at the interactive games sector in Australia, providing data on computer and video games use and attitudes towards gaming in general.

"When we conducted the first report in 2005, video games were seen as a medium aimed at younger children who only played on a console or PC," said Dr. Jeff Brand, Professor at Bond University and author of the report. "Today, the profile of the typical gamer is nearly synonymous with the profile of the typical Australian."

"We now have three generations of Australians enjoying video games – and we’re engaging with interactive games wherever we go," he continued. "We might play a quick mobile game on the bus on the way to work, an educational game with the children after school and a family game on the console as a way to spend time with our grandparents on the weekend."

“The first generation of Australian gamers are all grown up and playing video games not only for their own leisure, but as a way to connect with their children and their own parents," said IGEA CEO Ron Curry. "Whether we’re 'snacking' on a mobile game or enjoying the immersive experience of playing on a console, it’s clear that video games has truly become as mainstream as playing sports or watching TV."

The report also found that older Australians (age 51 and over) play games to keep their mind active, challenge themselves and learn. These reasons were identified as some of the least popular for younger gamers (age 16 to 25) who said that they choose to play games for social interactions, thrills and to relieve boredom.

The report shows that digital games are popular with the number of Australians playing games on a tablet device doubling to 26 percent in the last two years, and 47 percent of Australians who play games on their smartphone device, up from 42 percent in 2011. Despite the growing popularity of mobile devices, consoles are the de facto choice for playing games in Australian households, with 63 percent of households indicating that they use a console to play video games. Nearly nine in 10 gaming households in Australia own three or more devices capable of playing games.

Research also showed that 76 percent of gamers are over the age of 18, with the average age of the typical gamer in the region being 32 years old. This aligns closely with the average age of the Australian community which according to recent ABS census data is 37 years old. Finally, the report finds that 81 percent of moms play video games, compared to 83 percent of dads.

Source: IT Wire

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