Report: Video Game Industry Mergers and Acquisitions Top $5 Billion in 2013

With the new deal between Supercell, GungHo Online, and Soft Bank, the video game sector has surpassed $5 billion dollars related to mergers and acquisitions in 2013. This is according to data from Digi-Capital, who notes that much of the investment comes from investors in Korea, China, and Japan. Some of the deals contributing to the $5.2 billion number including the 51 percent stake taken by Soft Bank and GungHo's in mobile and social game developer Supercell and Ourpalm's recent acquisitions of China's Playcrab and Shanggames.

In a new report entitled "High growth Mobile and Asia drove games M&A to record $3.3B to Q3 2013," Digi-Capital Founder Tim Merel notes:

"It’s no secret that mobile Internet is disrupting technology markets, with Gartner forecasting that mobile apps revenue will grow 5x from $15B in 2012 to >$70B in 2016. With over 70% of global apps revenue from games in 2013, and forecasts that Asia will dominate global mobile/online games revenue (China 32%, South Korea 12%, Japan 10% by 2016F), mobile and Asia continue to drive games growth going forward."

The report, issued on Oct. 8, does not take into account the new Supercell deal, nor does it include the Activision Blizzard stock buyback from Vivendi.

Source: GII

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