AbleGamers Day Announced

The AbleGamers Charity announced that its first annual AbleGamers Day will be held on October 26. The festivities begin on the 25th with the largest online streaming event in the charity's history, leading up to an Accessibility Arcade in Loudoun County, VA. The Accessibility Arcade gives disabled gamers access to the charity's assistive technology experts for one day along with all of the various cutting-edge assistive technology available on the market today. Electronic Arts, winner of the 2012 AbleGamers Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year, will be offering copies of games as prizes at the event.

"The launch AbleGamers Day will bring great value to the community of gamers with disabilities," said Kelsey Wesley, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, EA. "Our hope is that AbleGamers Day will be an ongoing event that raises awareness for many years to come."

"AbleGamers has been working diligently to further the cause of game accessibility," said Mark Barlet, President and Director of the AbleGamers Charity. "Between opening the recent AbleGamers Laboratory, planning next year’s conference schedule, and a few surprises we haven’t even announced. We decided to throw a celebration."

"AbleGamers Day is the celebration of all the hard work that goes into our charity work. From the volunteers that work tirelessly, to the reviewers, researchers, writers, consultants, and especially to the generous donors who give their hard-earned money to support the disability community, we wanted to throw a celebration to honor everything that goes into giving gamers with special needs a voice in the gaming community."

Beginning at 1 PM Eastern on Oct. 25, members of the Team Fortress 2 community, and, will come together to hold a 24+ hour event honoring AbleGamers Day. Everyone is encouraged to visit and Participants are encouraged to watch the games or join in.

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