Reborn Kickstarter Halted, to Relaunch in November

Elemental-Labs and its partner acttil, llc. let us know that the Kickstarter campaign for the sci-fi themed action JRPG REBORN has been put on hold. The campaign had until Nov. 8 to raise its funding goal of $200,000, but only managed to raise $52,584 before organizers decided to pull the plug.

In an update to the Kickstarter page, the company said that it pulled the plug because it wants to tweak many aspects of the Kickstarter campaign and relaunch it next month:

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and warm reception that you gave to project REBORN. However unfortunate as this may be, after thinking about our Kickstarter campaign and talking to backers regarding our reward levels and various other requests for ports including our stretch goals, we really want to consider a relaunch of REBORN with many things about our campaign corrected and refined.

I personally want to ensure that our current backers receive a special incentive for their support and encouragement during this very difficult time for Team REBORN, as well as myself. For future backers, I welcome you and want to ensure each one of you in our crowd-funding community that you will like what we will offer in our redux campaign.

We are only here because of our hard work and the faithful support of you, therefore we will not forget about anyone! As such, I will be contacting each one of you to inform you of your reward for supporting us. For newcomers, we welcome you and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We want to say please standby for the redux campaign in November 2013. "

A representative from acttil, llc. told us that the company is removing themselves from the project because of a "scheduling conflict with the project’s relaunch," adding that it will continue to support the project as "friends" and still strongly believe in it.

Look for a Kickstarter relaunch sometime in November.


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