RuneScape Old School Hits One Million Players Milestone

Jagex announced today that one million users have joined its retro MMO RuneScape Old School since it launched in January of this year. As the name would imply RuneScape Old School lets players jump in the popular online game world that put Jagex on the map.

"Seeing RuneScape Old School hit the million player mark so soon after launch is a great milestone for the game and our players have joined the celebration by voting for the game’s most epic update to date," commented Phil Mansell, RuneScape’s Executive Producer. "Players will need to be steadfast and defiant in order to win through and defeat the gods, but if successful, players will be rewarded beyond their wildest imagination. It is the ultimate game of seeking treasure or die trying – something RuneScape has grown famous for."

Jagex also announced that the community has voted overwhelmingly to bring the God Wars Dungeon to Old School RuneScape. It will bring four new bosses into the game: K’ril Tsutsaroth, Commander Zilyana, General Graardor and Kree’arra. Players will also have a chance of obtaining a legendary Godsword, the most powerful weapon in the game. In addition, new sets of high level melee and range armor and high level weapons including the Staff of the Dead and the Armadyl Crossbow have also been added to the game.

A video commemorating this milestone and introducing the new community requested content can be found here.

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