Accessory Promises to Block Xbox One Kinect Cameras

Video games accessory maker PDP has created a Kinect TV mount that comes with a "privacy cover" to block the device's RGB and IR cameras. The device, which is listed on Amazon (found by NeoGAF users) costs $20 and promises that it will "fit almost any TV and requires no tools for installation."

Those seeking the almighty protection of the device will have to wait until Dec. 4 when the device is released. It's meant to be used with the newly designed Kinect which ships with the Xbox One. The Xbox One is set for release Nov. 22 in North America.

There have been serious concerns about privacy related to the Kinect after it was revealed that Microsoft has cooperated with the NSA and government agencies across many of its products. When the new Kinect was first announced Microsoft basically said that the device needed to be plugged in to use the Xbox One.

There were also reports that the system could be used as a form of copyright enforcement where it would count the number of users watching a movie or TV show. Other reports said that Microsoft would be using the device to extend advertising opportunities by using data collected by the device.

Microsoft has backtracked on most of its Xbox One announcements since then and has denied plans to use the device for collecting data.

The Xbox One launches on November 22 for $500.

Source: GameSpot

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