Nvidia SHIELD Gets Update for Game Mapping, Improved PC Games Streaming

Nvidia has a simple enough solution for not having any original games on its upcoming Android-based hand-held or for offering support for thousands of Android games already available on Google Play: simply use their new mapping technology. When the device launched in July it offered support for a couple of hundred Android titles, much to the chagrin of those who purchased the $300 hand-held system.

Nvidia's solution is to map hundreds of games without the input or intervention of the folks that developed them. But beyond this good news, Nvidia says that gamers can now design their own control schemes for games available in the Google Play store and upload those controls to Nvidia, via a new "Share" function found in the Menu or by emailing them directly to emapper@nvidia.com. Those control profiles will be evaluated by Nvidia employees and tested "for possible release as one of our cloud profiles," according to what a spokesperson tells AllThingsD.

Nvidia also said that its PC streaming features (GameStream) are out of beta, allowing users with the right graphics hardware in the PCs to use the device to play PC games on their HD TVs. SHIELD owners can plug the device into the TV and play games or use media apps from the couch using a wireless Bluetooth controller.

"Effectively, any Bluetooth controller should work," Nvidia corporate marketing VP Ujesh Desai said. The company added that it is putting its "stamp of approval" on controllers that offer the least latency, starting with the $40 Nyko PlayPad Pro.

The Android game mapping features and PC streaming features will be made available to owners via an online update.

Source: AllThingsD

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