Sony Reveals Details on PS4 Game and Account Sharing

A new section of the official PlayStation 4 FAQ offers more details on Sony's policies when it comes to game sharing on its upcoming next-generation console system.

According to the FAQ, PlayStation 4 owners are allowed to share digital software purchases with any account on their home console – basically all accounts on the purchaser's primary console. Sony also says that PS4 owners can access digitally purchased titles on any PS4 console that is not their own, but only one account can access that software at a time. On a related note, while your PlayStation Network account can be used on other PS4 consoles, it can be active on only two consoles at once: the user's primary console and one other.

These same rules also apparently apply to PlayStation Plus, allowing one subscription per household or console. Benefits from PlayStation Plus can be accessed from any other console providing the original subscriber is logged into. Each PSN account will need to be tied to a 'primary' PS4 console.

Sony announced most of these features a long time ago, but the FAQ cements these policies in place.

The PlayStation 4 launches Nov. 15 in North America and on Nov. 29 in Europe and Australia.

Source: CVG

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