Microsoft Updating Xbox Live Terms of Use This Week

Microsoft will launch an updated "Terms Of Use" for Xbox Live this week requiring users to commit to keeping personal information up to date. According to an announcement on the Xbox Wire, the new Terms Of Use are currently rolling out and will appear when gamers log onto Xbox Live.

The main change to the Terms Of Use is that Microsoft will now request that players ensure their personal information is current. This new requirement, claims Microsoft, is for security purposes, and that this information will be used as a check for other apps that connect to Xbox Live.

"More app experiences available via Xbox Live are provided by a partner with whom you may have a separate online account," the company said in its announcement. "If you choose to link this account with your Xbox Live account, we confirm key data points across the accounts by sharing data such as your name, address, email address and date of birth with the partner. In this TOU update, customers agree to allow Microsoft to share this information in this manner."

In July of this year it was reported that Microsoft allowed the NSA to access emails, video calls via Skype, and SkyDrive data on users' Microsoft accounts. The company said that it could not go into detail about what it shared with the NSA and other government agencies because it was not allowed to by law, and that all user data shared with government agencies was in compliance with U.S. law.

Source: CVG

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