UK May Crack Down on Newspapers Publishing NSA Leaks

Reuters is reporting that the UK government is threatening to move to stop papers in the country from publishing further leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. According to Reuters, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that his government was "likely" to move towards putting a stop to newspapers from publishing "damaging leaks" from Edward Snowden unless they started to "behave more responsibly."

"If they (newspapers) don't demonstrate some social responsibility it will be very difficult for government to stand back and not to act," Cameron told parliament, saying Britain's Guardian newspaper had "gone on" to print damaging material after initially agreeing to destroy other sensitive data.

Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, who is responsible for writing the majority of stories for the Guardian related to the Snowden leaks, called the move "repressive."

"In repressive Britain, it's political officials who dictate what can and cannot be published," he wrote on Twitter.

Source: Politico

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  1. 0
    Neeneko says:

    More importantly, it might send a message to future journalists regarding what they publish, and while more and more of the population has internet access, the majority of people still get their news from domestic sources or their online versions.

  2. 0
    MechaTama31 says:

    No, but it could prevent a lot of people domestically from finding out about it (and taking appropriate action come election time). Anybody *could* go read international news, sure, but plenty won't.

  3. 0
    prh99 says:

    I guess they’ve never heard of the internet or looked to see that other countries do in fact have newspapers as well, several of which continue to publish the leaks. Shutting up journals at home will not save them embarrassment where they cooperated with the NSA to break the law or engaged in their questionable activities.

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