EA Cancels Command & Conquer

Electronic Arts announced this week that it has canceled Command & Conquer, the free-to-play reimagining of the popular real-time strategy game. In a blog post developer Victory Games announced that fan reaction to the alpha of the game is what put the final nail in the coffin for the project:

"Part of being in a creative team is the understanding that not all of your choices are going to work out," a rep for developer Victory Games wrote in a blog post. "In this case, we shifted the game away from campaign mode and built an economy-based, multiplayer experience. Your feedback from the alpha trial is clear: We are not making the game you want to play. That is why, after much difficult deliberation, we have decided to cease production of this version of the game. Although we deeply respect the great work done by our talented team, ultimately it’s about getting you the game you expect and deserve."

The post goes on to say that those who spent money in-game would be getting a refund.

In addition to the game being canceled by EA, it appears that the studio making it is shutting down. Employees of Victory Games tweeted that EA has shut the studio down and that they are losing their jobs. Command & Conquer was the only game the LA-based studio had been working on.

Command & Conquer was first announced as Command & Conquer: General 2 at the 2011 SPIKE VGAs. The game was to be a free-to-play multiplayer focused game, which EA has had challenges with in the past (see SimCity).

Sources: Polygon, Kotaku

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