‘Wrestling With Pixels’ Kickstarter Launches

A book and DVD project called "Wrestling With Pixels: The World Tour Of Wrestling Games" is seeking $18,000 to fund further interviews with game industry luminaries and professional wrestling stars to fully explore the history of the wrestling video games genre.

So far the project has managed to raise around $3,518 of its goal from 71 backers with a little more than 28 more days to go. The book is being written by games journalist Audun Sorlie and BotchMania creator Matthew Gregg and hopes to give readers a backstage pass into a world where video games and stars intersect and where the business of it all can sometimes turn ugly.

So far they have interviewed Syuji Yoshida and GETA from AKI/ Syn Sophia (early pioneers of the WCW wrestling titles on PS One and Nintendo 64); SUDA51 (Fire Pro Wrestling, No More Heroes); Akari Uchida and Akira Yamaoka (Konami's Rumble Roses); Tetsuo Hara (Creator of Hokuto no Ken, character designer for Muscle Bomber/Slam Masters); Ray Lloyd (who played the video game inspired character Glacier in WCW); Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Director of WWF Wrestlefest, WWF Superstars Arcade, Creator of Double Dragon); Immersion (makers of AAA Lucha Libre); Panic Button (Developers of Hulk Hogan Main Event); Former staff of THQ; Former staff from EA (WCW Mayhem/Backstage Assault development members); TNA wrestlers Samoa Joe and AJ Styles; Mike Quackenbush (Chikara); Mick Foley (WWE Hall of Famer); and others to be announced during the funding campaign.

While the authors make no guarantees, they have made tentative plans to interview Bret Hart (WWE Hall of Famer); Ted Dibiase (WWE Hall of Famer); Diamond Dallas Page (Former WCW world champion, creator of DDP Yoga); Ultimate Warrior (WWE and WCW Legend); Takashi Shimada (Creator of Kinnikuman); Yoshiaki Inose (Tecmo); Masato Masuda (HUMAN, creator of Pro Wrestling NES); Simon Inoki (Former NJPW president); and Steve Ryno (Former VP and develop assistant on THQ’s WCW releases).

For some reason they forgot to mention Mat Dickie, maker of several popular PC-based wrestling games over the last decade including Wrestling MPire, Booking Mpire, Wrestling Encore, Booking Encore, Big Bumpz, Federation Booker and Federation Wrestling, Wrestling Revolution, Booking Revolution, Flash Stuntz, and the CM Punk Promo Cutter.


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