EFF Warns: Sen. Feinstein’s ‘NSA Reform Bill’ Codifies Agency’s Spying Activities

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is warning the public that the "reform bill" being pushed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA.) does nothing to curtail the questionable surveillance activities of the National Security Agency; in fact the watchdog group says that the new bill entrenches many of the practices the NSA is engaging in already.

The EFF says that the NSA Reform Bill from the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee "codifies some of the NSA’s worst practices, would be a huge setback for everyone’s privacy, and it would permanently entrench the NSA’s collection of every phone record held by U.S. telecoms."

The group urges members of Congress to vigorously oppose this bill.

"… instead of listening to her constituents, Sen. Feinstein put forth a bill designed to allow the NSA to monitor their calls," said the EFF. "Sen. Feinstein wants the NSA to continue to collect the metadata of every phone call in the United States—that’s who you call, who calls you, the time and length of the conversation, and under the government’s interpretation, potentially your location—and store it for five years. This is not an NSA reform bill, it’s an NSA entrenchment bill."

Other parts of the bill claim to bring a modicum of transparency to small parts of the NSA, but requiring some modest reporting requirements, like how many times NSA searches this database and audit trails for who does the searching.

The group closes its statement of opposition with some blunt words:

"Make no mistake: this is not an NSA reform bill at all. Instead of codifies one of the NSA’s most controversial surveillance programs. We urge you to call your Senator to oppose Sen. Feinstein’s disingenuous bill."

You can read the group's statement here.

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