GTA Online Stimulus Coming Next Week

November 1, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Rockstar Games announced that the "stimulus package," two payouts of in-game cash at $250,000 each, will be rolled out as part of a patch next week. The stimulus is part of an apology on the part of Rockstar for consumers who tried to play Grand Theft Auto Online in October and found that they couldn't due to bugs, connectivity issues, and other problems that plagued the game at launch.

Rockstar had planned on dolling out the cash to play a week ago, but found that there were still a lot of issues with the game that needed to be addressed first.

Apparently those issues have been dealt with and Rockstar is ready to roll out a new update to give out its first $250,000 payout. The GTA$ will be handed out when the 1.05 update to the game rolls out.

For more information, check out Rockstar Newswire.

In case you didn't know, GTA Online is the multiplayer component that comes bundled with Grand Theft Auto V. It launched in October but so many players had trouble with the game that Rockstar decided to reward players with buckets and buckets of in-game cash.

Hopefully that cash will be enough to satisfy players who found themselves locked out of the game for most of the early part of October...

Source: Joystiq



Re: GTA Online Stimulus Coming Next Week

Is half a million dollars a lot of money in GTA V or is it pocket change?


Andrew Eisen

Re: GTA Online Stimulus Coming Next Week

The most expensive condo in GTA Online is around 500K, but a place that's is JUST like it and with a better view is around 205K. If you use it wisely half a mill can last a while. Of course that may be overestimating a good number of the players.

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