PlayStation Second Most Popular Brand on YouTube

While Red Bull is the number one brand on YouTube (mostly because it sponsors so many interesting sporting and gaming events worldwide), "PlayStation" is also pretty popular, according to data collected by Statista and Mashable.

That data is based on the number of subscribers each brand has. Red Bull has 2.96 million, while PlayStation has 2.03 million. And while Sony's family of consoles took the top spot when narrowed down into the gaming category, it found itself in the company of other big names and brands like Rockstar Games, which had 1.75 million subscribers; Angry Birds maker Rovio with 859,000 subscribers, and Ubisoft with 801,000 subscribers.

Microsoft did not make it into the top ten list: it came in at 167,000 subscribers, and Xbox came in at 470,000 subscribers.

The data is based on the number of channel subscribers as of October 30, 2013.

Source: GameSpot

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