Man Camps Outside Blockbuster Demanding a Refund, Eventually Gets One

An angry Blockbuster customer in the UK decided that he'd had enough concerning getting a refund for the PS4 he bought and took to the Dunstable store to protest outside. He brought a megaphone with him and let customers going into the store that they would get ripped off.

According to the BBC the 31-year-old Adam Sibley was told by staff at the Dunstable store that he could receive a refund for his £450 PS4 pre-order only if he got in touch with the company's corporate office. The store itself only offered DVDs and Blu-rays up to the same value. Sibley wanted his money back so he finally decided his best course of action would be to stand outside the store with a megaphone accusing the retailer of “robbing” him and advising potential customers not to enter.

His method seemed to pay off and Sibley finally got what he wanted.

"The store opened at 09:30 and a refund was put straight through," he said. "It's a great result. I was the first customer in the store and my refund was the first transaction so I am very happy with that."

"Who in their right mind is going to spend £450 on Blu-rays and CDs a month before Christmas? It's unreasonable for them to expect me to do that when I was expecting a console," he added.

Blockbuster recently announced that it would re-enter administration (the UK equivalent to bankruptcy), but has promised to refund pre-orders for all next-gen consoles in full.

Source: MCV

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